Month: May 2016

Balls Out


It was Greyson’s 23rd birthday and we got tickets to see the Mariners play the Minnesota Twins at Safeco Field in Seattle. It was my first time inside Safeco Field and the Mariners got completely destroyed. It wasn’t that much of a bummer.

Turns out Karl booked us a very expensive room right across from the stadium and so we got to pretend like we were a bunch of rich kids for a short amount of time. The hotel had complimentary apples and so I grabbed one and ate it and it tasted like watery cardboard.

Unfortunately, the hotel found the niche market and were probably trying to cater to all the vegans and people with made up food allergies.

Gluten Free



What is Ken Jennings?

So right now, I am thinking about Jeopardy and how Ken Jenny is famous from that show. I wonder how many games of Jeopardy he actually won? I was thinking about researching him later to understand how the heck he won all those Jeopardy games in a row.

hi (1)

So I just researched the real Ken Jennings. I’m not sure who Ken Jenny is in above paragraph^. Turns out he is from Edmonds, Washington! I could literally get in my car and drive to Ken Jennings’ hometown right now! Edmonds is south of me. It’s located in Snohomish County.


2016, May Fifth.

I woke up in my jeans.

That’s always an indication that I most definitely got a little too drunk and somehow found my bed.

I got home and found Wesley in the kitchen with half his face covered in flour. He looked like two face, but stupid. I asked him why he had flour all over half his face and he couldn’t remember how it happened. He didn’t even realize it was there. It was only 7:00pm.