Month: November 2015

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You’ll Eat It and You’ll Like It

What does it take to get a place at the Meek table? Manners. Put your napkin on your lap, do not slurp up the last of the milk in your cereal bowl, and whatever you do, do not ever put your elbows on the table.

The worst memories are those that consist of lots of tears and time spent at the table because I broke rule #1: I didn’t finish all of the food on my plate. No doubt, I would be wailing for hours… Especially on the nights when my mother served green beans.


I loathed those stringy legumes so much that to this day I can still taste the soggy, cold strings and I would prefer to have memories of eating my tears for dinner. My relationship with my parents suffered due to this ludicrous rule and every time they would mutter the words “a child in Africa is starving…” I wanted to use all of the money in my piggy bank to send my cold green beans to Ethiopia.

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