Month: July 2015

Spliff Jumping

It all started on a beautiful Sunday morning in Pahoa, Hawaii, where I currently reside as an intern on a permaculture farm for the summer. It’s a lot of hard work during the weekdays, so all the interns go absolutely bat shit on the weekends and we fill our time with endless adventures exploring the Big Island. Naturally, my FOMO kicks in and I find myself saying “YES!” to absolutely everything regardless of the voice in the back of my head saying something like, “you are seriously a narp if you think you can do that successfully without totally embarrassing yourself.”

God, sometimes I am so embarrassing it kills me. Forget about the myth of reinventing yourself wherever you go. I have been gifted the natural talent of being the most ridiculous human being in the group… literally wherever I go. I have accepted the fact that being a nutcase is the comic relief that other people need in their life. Everyone, you are welcome. (more…)