Month: April 2015


On our way back from Bend, I begged him to stop at the hot springs so nature could nurse my awful hangover. He told me stories of all the times he dropped acid or ate mushrooms at these hot springs and how magical of an experience it was. He also warned me about the dirty hippies and rednecks that liked to called these hot springs their home. “Han, just stay by my side. The people are friendly, but you know they are weird as fuck.”

It’s a short hike in. I’m losing my breath because I haven’t exercised in the past week. All the beer and fried food is finally catching up to me. When we get there, it’s a massive naked nature party. Apparently we did not get the memo. Has anyone been in a situation where you actually felt weird being clothed? It’s weird. I felt like I had to free my nipples but I also didn’t want the weird beer gutty dudes staring at my finely crafted lady parts. (more…)