Month: July 2014

Forking Etiquette

I’m really bad at pretending to be rich.

If you put me in a situation where I have to be über classy and know the social cues and roles… fuck, I’m actually nartarded I think. For example: I get the worst anxiety when it comes to setting the table. No matter how many times my parents try to teach me, I don’t know which side the napkin actually goes on, which fork is my salad fork, my dinner fork, my dessert fork… in reality I just want to fork whoever made up these stupid rules. (more…)


Tweekin and Twerkin

I attempted to put myself in the shoes of a desperate lover. What better way to try a new cultural experience than right in your city and with just a few mouse clicks away? I never really have messed around on Craigslist much. One time I bought a couch for $70 (it just so happens to be my favorite couch ever) but other than that, I have steered clear of the Crusty Craig. What better way to dive in than to enter the battlefield on the personals section?